DirectAdmin cPanel
Control Panel
Client Support
Space: 500 MB
Data transfer: 2 GB
MySQL databases: 5
Control panel
Site builder
Script autoinstaller
Domains: 10
Space: 2 GB
Data transfer: 10 GB
MySQL databases: 50
Control panel
Site builder
Script autoinstaller
Space: 10 GB
Data transfer: 50 GB
MySQL databases: 2000
Static IPs: 2
Control panel
Site builder
Script autoinstaller
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Note: Prices listed above are rendered to dollars per month based on a one-year payment term in US dollars. It varies if a shorter term such as month-to-month, quarterly or semi-annual is chosen.

Note: Due to the fact we do not have the ability to serve new customers, we have decided not to take new orders any more. This change does not affect existing customers.

Does building a website sounds too hard for you? Do you know that you can build a professionally looking website even if you don't know anything about HTML and FTP?

Our siteZen online site builder can go hand-in-hand with every domain you want to host with us without any extra cost! Now if you can surf the web, you can build your own website! Nothing to download. Nothing to upload - unless you want to use your own photos and images. Our site builder allows you to build or maintain website on the fly while at home, work, school, or even on vacation. Click here for details and a live demo.

If you simply want to set up a blog or an online store, you can use our Installatron script autoinstaller to install most popular scripts out there with just a few mouse clicks - it can even automatically set up the MySQL database (if needed) for the script to be installed. Click here for details.

If you are a web designer or online marketer, you may want to check our Multiple Domains Hosting option in the order area which allows you to host up to 20 domains with one hosting account.

Make sure to drop by our demo page where we provide live demo for our server control panel and siteZen site builder.

February 26, 2008
We have moved our iDevAffiliate program script from to and also upgraded it to the latest version after the move...

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February 24, 2008
We have installed a new client billing and support script on

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March 12, 2006
We have finished transferring all clients to our new billing and support area. Existing clients please login to check if we have missed anything or entered something incorrectly...

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Feb. 20, 2006
We are integrating our new billing software with the existing affiliate program. Click the following link to read more about our affiliate program...

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Feb. 17, 2006
Since we have transferred all sites on the old shared server to our new dedicated server, we are going to shut down the old server in 10 days starting from today...

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Feb. 4 2006
We have copied all sites on the old shared server over to the new dedicated server and we are backing up each site on the new server on a daily basis...

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